Vasiliki Alexiou

She enrolled in the Music School of Thessaloniki from which she graduated in 1999 having taken classes on European Music (theory and piano), Byzantine Music (theory and hymnology) and traditional music instrument (oud). She also participated in the European and Byzantine choirs of the school and the “Phonetic and Instrumental Group of Modern Music”.


She studied in the Contemporary Conservatory of Thessaloniki and she holds a degree on Melody Harmonization (1999), Counterpoint, Fugue and Piano Diploma (2006) with grade “Excellent”.


From 2009 until 2015 she was the conductress in the children’s choir of the 2nd Elementary School of  Πεύκα “Τα Παιδία Παίζει”. Moreover, she taught theatrical singing in the “Children’s Theatrical Art studio” part of the Σοφούλη Theatre  (2009-2012), she was a choir conductress in the  Contemporary Conservatory of Thessaloniki (2011-2016) and teacher of contemporary singing in the Music Art studio of Giannitsa. She is also working as a professor in the department of ¨ Performing Arts¨ in contemporary singing and orthophony at Ι.Ε.Κ. Δέλτα, in the conservatory of Nέα Μηχανιώνα  and the “Vasilis Diamantopoulos” Drama School.


She worked as a music director and composer in various performances such as: («Μ’ αρέσεις γιατί», «Το καλοκαίρι του κ. Zommer», «Μ’ αρέσεις γιατί, Reloaded», «Μνημίδια», «Ο μπαλτάς και άλλες ιστορίες», «Γιατί μ’ αρέσεις», «Μια κάποια πρόφαση», «Η Πούλια κι ο Αυγερινός», «Φτυστός ο μακαρίτης», «Κανελόριζα») and she was a vocal coach in the following performances: «Η χώρα των πουλιών», director: Καλατζόπουλος Ιωάννης /music: Λέκκας Δημητρίος, «Το μαγαζάκι του τρόμου»,director: Κλωνάρης Άγγελος, «Τα τέσσερα κοριτσάκια»,director: Καλατζόπουλος Ιωάννης /music: Πάρης Παρασχόπουλος.


Last but not least, she is a member of the artistic group Sourliboom.